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New extra-large cavity

The extra-large capacity up to 142 liters holds all the dishes you want to cook at full load, using up to 5 simultaneous cooking levels.
Your cooking will be homogeneous and uniform thanks to the double fan that guarantees perfect heat distribution.

The new modular oven door can have up to three panes of glass, guaranteeing improved insulation and better energy efficiency and, with the removable inner glass, cleaning has never been so simple.

Maximum ergonomics and Soft Touch action achieved thankd to the new “Balnced hinge” system.
You can safely control the cooking of hot food dishes, thanks to the shelves, sliding trays and the new balanced hinges of the oven door which enable ergonomic Soft Touch movements.

High performance burners

The 5 kw Dual wok burner allows to reach the boiling temperature more quickly and guarantees great cooking flexibility and the possibility to choose only the inner ring for small pots or both rings for larger pots.

Distance between the burners is optimized to allow you to use the largest number of large pans at the same time and the deep hob moulding give greater safety in case of spillages from the pot.

And when you’re done cooking, cleaning is simple, thanks to the single-piece pressed steel worktop, with no screws or joints.

Functional design

The iconic thermometer on high-end models contribute to the cooker professional look, allowing you to monitor the gradual temperature raise in the oven. The symbol of the” winged wheel “, characteristic of the La Germania brand, certifies its made in Italy.

The ergonomic design and the precious materials, such as the “Mille Luci” and Soft Touch finishes, are pleasant to the touch while durable.

For a perfect match with your style, choose between La Germania three Series, precious glass and stainless steel, for the modern style of the Futura Series; elegant stainless steel and sophisticated opaque colors, for the classic Americana Series; timeless steel, or a bright red color, for the modern Prima Series.